Spiritual Dryness Scale

Spiritual Dryness Scale

The Spiritual Dryness Scale (SDS) consists of two parts: The first part of the instrument is a 6-item scale with good internal consistency (Cronbach ́s alpha = .87) to measure how often a person have had feelings related to spiritual dryness.

The second part of the instrument consists of 3 items: one to assess whether or not a person has found ways to cope with these phases, and two further items to addresses the 'outcomes' when these phases are overcome (i.e., greater spiritual serenity and depth and/or helping others the more). An optional free text field can be used to assess the strategies which were perceived as helpful to cope with these phases.

Ann additional modul focussing on Acedia symptoms extends the topics. This Acedia instruments differentiates two factors: Exzessive Spiirtual Demands and Dificulties in Prayer Life.

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